Ohm Beads Review

Ohm BeadsOhm beads offer a wide range of unique, quirky and very originally designed quality beads. If you ever wish to have a valuable bead, then I recommend you to try this brand. You may choose your favorite item based on the color, theme of a certain occasion or just to present your hobby, interest or passion. Charms bracelets are often ideal for such presentations. You may put them on for fun, passion or for personal reasons.

Ohm Bead Types

  • Acrylic beads

These are usually plastic made and may be designed in different assorted colors and shapes.

Ohm Beads

Ohm Beads

  • Charm beads

These are often metallic in nature. They may be silver coated, gold coated, copper, bronze or enamel plated. Charms have a loop built in them so as to offer an easier attachment to jewelry.

  • Crystal beads

These are glass made and are often cut into various shapes and designs.

  • Seed bead

They are grouped with seed beads which may range between 3mm to 12mm in length.

  • Fire polished beads

They have a faceted surface and come in various colors, shapes and finishes.

Ohm Beads tractor charm

Ohm Beads tractor charm

  • Pearl beads

They come in either genuine freshwater pearls or coated glass pearls.

  • Pendants

They have large focal charms at the center of the necklace.

Ohm Beads

Ohm Beads

Ohm beads have a wider collection of charm bracelets ranging from silver charms to gold plated. This brand offers frequent and latest releases yearly, making it exciting and fun. Almost all of the charms are compatible with those of other brands; a characteristic brought about by their larger universal core and threading at their ends.

Characteristics of the ohm beads charms

  • They have threading at the endings 0f the bracelet to enable efficient lining of the clip with silicone so as to section off charms and thus help in balancing the beads.
  • They are compatible with all other major charms and beads from other brands i.e. pandora bracelets. Oxidization makes it capable of complementing with the rest of other brands.
  • Ohm bead charms offer a wider range of bracelets such as lobster clasp, cuff bangle, barrel clasp, barrel clasp leather and lobster clasp leather.
  • These charms have shine finish with a heavily textured design.
  • Safety chains provide protection against instances of falling while putting it on or off. They are of two kinds; clip on chains and screw on chains.
  • The prices are reasonable and quite affordable.
  • Most of the times, the order may come with a small complementary polishing cloth.
Ohm Beads baby carriage

Ohm Beads baby carriage

Charm bracelets come in different styles in which you can choose from. For example, you may pick the ‘ohm bead typewriter’ if you have a passion for writing or ‘ohm bead owl’ if you fancy and adore owls. For those who love fairy tales, I recommend you go for the ‘black bird pie.’ Other designs include skulls, soaring eagle, alligator, pelican, whales, bear, manatee, platypus and much more. You will always be guaranteed a detailed, unique and distinctive sculpture with a well-balanced, polished edges and shaded areas.

You can always get these fancy and quality charm bracelets from local authorized retailers or from the main retail store. However, you may consider an online order and your package will be shipped right to you.

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