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Different types of charm bracelets

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Charm braceletA charm bracelet has a link band to which small dangling pieces are attached. The dangling pieces are commonly referred to as charms. There are very many different types of charm bracelets. Since these bracelets were used in different cultures for fashions, an unlimited number of designs have been created to date. Many more designs are being created every day. You have the freedom of creating a charm bracelet design that matches your personality, tastes and preferences. In some cultures, each charm bracelet design had its own meaning. However, in most places around the world, these bracelets were used to enhance people’s aesthetic appeal.

The charm bracelets are perfect examples of pieces of jewelry that will never go out of fashion. They are becoming more and more popular in today’s world because of their versatility and the fact that they are not expensive to buy. If you want to make your own charm bracelet, it will not cost you a fortune. This helps you to ensure that you have charm bracelets that truly reflect who you are. Bracelets can be classifieds in to three different categories. The three different types of charm bracelets are;

  1. The Dangling bracelet
  2. European bracelet
  3. The Italian or Pandora style bracelets

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